Maryann + Chris

Maryann and Chris were married November 2, 2018 at the 1620 winery in Plymouth, MA.

Their wedding took place on a day that’s perfectly unique to New England – the kind where you can smell the salt in the air and feel a light mist on your face, making the perfect setting for the cozy and beautiful indoor brick space.

What set their wedding apart was the abundance of music and laughter. Maryann and Chris were introduced by Carole DiMaggio – a very important person in their love story.

Their first date was at Chris’s apartment in downtown Plymouth. Maryann was super nervous and very worried about what she was going to wear. She showed up to his his apartment that looked like it “hadn’t been cleaned in a year” and they watched a movie about soccer. According to Maryann, it wasn’t all that romantic but it is exactly who they are today. They love just being together and enjoying each others company.

These two lovebirds knew they were the right fit when then met each other’s families – family is very important to both of them. Not much later, the proposal took place on one of the coldest nights of the year – December 16, 2017.

Chris asked Maryann if she wanted to go for a walk and see the lobster trap Christmas tree on the town wharf because he had known that she had wanted to see it. They walked down and there were a few other couples there, which Maryann now knows made him very nervous. They walked to the end of the wharf where they could be by themselves and that’s when Chris got down on one knee! It was peaceful and snowing – Maryann says it was the most beautiful moment of her life.

Maryann loves how easy it is for Chris and her to make each other laugh. She loves that he loves her family as much as she does and how secure and protected he makes her feel but that he always allows her to be independent. Chris says that he admires “Mar”’s attitude and approach on life. She sees and thinks in a way that compliments his way of thinking, and makes him the best person he can possibly be.

We will chime in here to say that what we love most about these two is that they only call each other “Rick”. Not sure why, but we are here for it.

Thank you Maryann and Chris for letting us be a part of your big day. Your chemistry and love of family were both so apparent. Cheers!



Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter – Portsmouth, NH

Flowers: Stevens The Florist – Plymouth, MA

Venue: 1620 Winery – Plymouth, MA

Calligraphy + Invitation Design: Allison DiMaggio

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