Kavi + Jess

Jess and Kavi were married on October 20th, 2018 at the Boston Public Garden. The two had an absolutely gorgeous fall day to celebrate their love.

Following their intimate ceremony in the Garden, the couple walked the streets of the Back Bay. Naturally, the two eventually found themselves at their favorite bar: Durty Nelly’s. After filling their glasses with pints of Guinness, they made a toast to forever alongside their best friends.

The party then headed down to Plymouth Yacht Club to meet their friends and family for a lively and loving celebration.

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The magic all started when Jess and Kavi met through mutual friends at the infamous Dot House back in 2011. The two were definitely friends first until before Jess’s 21st birthday they decided to wander around the North End. Kavi asked her to pick out any place to eat that she wanted, and Jess was feeling indecisive. They ended up going to Bricco underdressed but having a complete blast together. Shortly thereafter, they began dating.

These lovebirds got engaged December 22nd, 2017. They decided to grab a Guinness and a shot of Crown Royal at their favorite bar, Durty Nelly’s, ( which you can see in the photos) before a Christmas party in Quincy. Kavi made an arrangement with their favorite bartenders Ryan and Nick, to pretend there was an event on the downstairs level, so they would grab a drink in the lounge upstairs.

While they were there, Kavi arranged for 3 of their songs play and then he proposed. Jess had absolutely no idea at all so the organic reaction was “if this is a (insert f word here) joke I’m going to break up with you…” They had champagne set up downstairs after and they attended the originally scheduled “Christmas party” which was, in fact, an engagement party for them. 

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Even though they missed their golden retriever Dino while he was hanging out getting dog sat, their wedding went off without a hitch. Jess’s dress, from Angellure Bridal on Etsy with a skirt from a two-piece prom dress at Bobby from Boston, fit her perfectly and showed off her rad tattoos. We loved that they didn’t take themselves too seriously and simply had a blast being together.

Cheers to you (definitely with a shot of Jack Daniels) on your incredible wedding. We loved being part of your day and fingers crossed these two invite us over for some puppy play time and some Irish Whiskey soon!

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