Ashley + Tim

Ashley and Tim started as all epic love stories do – with a 90’s cover band. Ashley was on a trip to visit their mutual friend, Kristen, in Washington D.C. when she ran into Tim (among the sweet, sweet sounds of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden…probably). 

After an awkward first handshake, they quickly learned they had plenty in common. Though Ashley returned home to Boston, she and Tim decided to date long distance.  It wasn’t easy, but they made the most of all the time they had together – with movie dates, relaxing dinners and time spent with mutual friends. 


Fast forward to a beautiful day on the private beach in Barnstable where Ashley’s grandparents live. As Ashley kicked back on the beach with her family, Tim finally approached her and asked her to take a stroll down the beach. With tears in his eyes, Tim took one knee and asked Ashley to marry her. The couple popped the champagne with Ashley’s entire family watching. 

Tim and Ashley sealed the deal at Waverly Oaks Golf Club in Plymouth, MA on July 14, 2018. From the second these two got together, you could feel the love and magic between them. The connection was so tangible – probably a result of spending so much time in the car together on road trips. 

I loved shooting these two ALMOST as much as Tim loves Ashley…and his limited edition BMW M3, or as it’s lovingly known, the “garage queen”. As you can probably tell in the photos, the couple’s family and friends were an absolute BLAST…a perfect night for sure. Congrats Tim and Ashley! Cheers to many more years of music & love. 

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