Ryan + Bridget

Bridget and Ryan got married on June 30, 2018 in Gloucester, MA.  They did there portraits at Hammond Castle; a unique treasure featuring a remarkable castle constructed in the 1920s along the Atlantic coast, making for a breathtaking backdrop.

The couple’s wedding ceremony was held at the Cruiseport in Gloucester, MA which features vaulted ceilings adorned with simple and elegant chandeliers while providing spectacular views of the Gloucester Harbor.

This fantastic video below was shot by our videographer Billie Weiss, he kills it with the drone shots!

A little backstory: The couple was initially introduced by Ryan’s best friend and best man, Ben, and Bridget’s best friend and bridesmaid, Netaya, at Keene Spring Weekend in 2014.  However, it wasn’t until a few weeks later, when Bridget and Ryan were both invited to Ben’s beach house, that two really connected. Shortly after the fun filled weekend, the two went on their first official date.  After a romantic evening of strolling, dinner, and discussion, the two knew immediately it was exactly what they wanted, and nothing they had ever had; Bridget and Ryan knew that it was one another that they had been missing in their lives.  Three years later, Ryan and Bridget went on an adventure to Royalston Falls. Among the beautiful and compelling waterfalls, Ryan asked Bridget to be his wife

Throughout our time shooting their wedding, it was obvious the devotion this couple shares.  It is clear Bridget and Ryan are the best of friends and a loving couple, making one another laugh and swoon all at the same time.  The newlyweds both adore their two fur babies and have a passion for new adventures and experiences, especially road trips

Bridget and Ryan, we wish you the best in your future endeavors as a married couple.  We cannot wait to shoot another Hess wedding! We thank you for having us document unforgettable moments of your special day!

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