Heather + Michael

Heather + Mike got married at the stunning Beauport Hotel in Gloucester, MA on June 3rd, 2018.   It was a perfect day along the water. I always love shooting on the North Shore—our past three weddings have been up there.  

It was our first military wedding here at 309 Productions and I love how the pictures turned out with Mike and the others in uniform.   I also loved the groomsmen’s patriotic socks. Heather looked absolutely breathtaking in her Theia gown from BHLDN in Chestnut Hill.

Mike is in the Coast Guard and I really had a lot of fun working with the members of the military who made the ceremony fantastic.  My favorite part of the wedding was definitely the traditional saber arch with all of the swords. As the couple passed through the arch, the Coast Guardsmen would say,  “the price to pass is a kiss”, blocking Heather + Mike with their swords until they kissed. It was really something special to see.

Some back story on the couple…

Heather + Mike met on St. Patrick’s Day in 2016.   Heather’s sister, Haley, was visiting her and they were at the Green Dragon in Faneuil Hall when Haley recognized Mike from across the bar.   It turns out that Haley used to play soccer with Mike’s younger sister, Lauren! Even crazier is that Heather + Mike grew up 5 minutes down the road from one another and had never met until Haley’s lucky St. Patrick’s Day visit.

Heather + Mike immediately hit it off and went on their first date the Tuesday after meeting.  They went to dinner in the North End and then bounced around the neighborhood from bar to bar until they ended up at Boston Sail Loft until last call.  It was clear that neither of them wanted the night to end.

Mike proposed at the beach in Sandbridge while on vacation with Heather and her family.  Knowing how close Heather is with her family, especially her mom and sister Haley, he knew it would be the perfect time and place to ask Heather to marry him.

It is clear from the pictures that Heather + Mike are the perfect match for one another.   It is also clear from speaking with the couple and their family and friends that they share a lot of great characteristics that bond them together.  Both Heather + Mike are extremely caring people who love to help others. I feel so privileged to be part of their special day and wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

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