Sara + Farid

Sara and Farid got married last year in San Francisco at the beautiful city hall. This celebration on August 12, 2017 was back in Sara’s hometown of Plymouth, MA with all her and Farid’s friends and family.

We did the portraits along the water at one of Sara’s friends house. What a view! We really lucked out with the weather – the lighting was just perfect. I shot mostly everything on my new 85mm prime lens on the Canon 5D Mark IV.

The reception was held up the street at the Plymouth Country Club. I had never been there before, it’s sorta tucked away next to the Plantation – a perfect spot.

The evening overall was very relaxed. It’s nice see some old friends from high school.  I feel like I see them at every wedding lately! It always makes it more fun when you have friends there. Everyone was having a great time. It was a very nice celebration for Sara and Farid. Congrats again!


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